Author: Mark Zita

Lord Mayor inspects progress on Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade

Work is well underway on one of Brisbane’s biggest road upgrades. Today, the Lord Mayor inspected progress on the 650-million dollar Kingsford Smith Drive project, but it’s the recreational Riverwalk that has Council officials most excited. George Carrington reports.

Premier announces overhaul of the state education system

The Premier promised a renewed emphasis on ‘reading’ even before kids start school. It’s a cornerstone of a planned overhaul of Queensland’s education system. Milly Dimitrijevic reports.

Man charged with selling fake Ed Sheeran tickets faces court

A Brisbane man has faced court, accused of selling fake tickets to Ed Sheeran’s recent concert. Fans were allegedly left empty-handed, after forking out hundreds of dollars for tickets that never arrived. Courtney McAllister reports.

Record crowds expected for ANZAC Day commemorations

It’s 100 years since one of the most devastating events of the First World War – the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. The centenary should boost crowds at ANZAC Day commemorations across the nation. Kirsty Davis reports.

Swans battle multiple injuries

There’s plenty of footy news. The Swans are battling multiple injuries, the Sea Eagles plea for media positivity, while in the A-League, Sydney’s confident ahead of this weekend’s semi-final. Bella Rigley reports.

Sea World celebrates World Penguin Day

You might not know it, but tomorrow is World Penguin Day and celebrations have already kicked off at Seaworld. Elke Bowman reports.

Former Ipswich City Council CEO and his wife face new corruption charges

A former CEO of Ipswich Council and his wife – have appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates court on new corruption charges. It’s alleged they received illegal payments. Bella Rigley reports.

PM concedes he should have called banking enquiry earlier

As more damaging claims about banks are revealed in the royal commission. The Prime Minister says, in hindsight, his government should have set it up years ago, and Pauline Hanson want the banks to be slugged the entire cost of

New community hubs to support migrants in Ipswich

The city of Ipswich has stepped up to support migrants and their children. Five new Community Hubs will help them assimilate more readily. Elke Bowman reports.

School students commemorate the ANZACs

Thousands of students gathered in ANZAC Square today for the annual Commemoration Ceremony. The Governor spoke to the young crowd about the importance of keeping the ANZAC legacy alive. Lucy Czerwinski reports.