Author: Mark Zita

Link between police shootings and mental health of victims

The State Coroner has noted a major link between fatal police shootings and the mental health of victims. It’s hoped a series of recommendations will improve police procedures and reduce future deaths but the union isn’t convinced. Jessamy Tredinnick reports.

Latest rail fail takes Commonwealth Games target off track

The Queensland Government is in damage control today, after one of the state’s shiny new trains derailed near Ipswich yesterday. The trains are already behind schedule and urgently needed on track in time for next year’s Commonwealth Games. Chloe Wilshire

Ardern becomes new Prime Minister for New Zealand

New Zealand finally has a new Prime Minister, 27 days after the last votes were counted. 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern will be the nation’s youngest leader in well over a century. Michael McGuane reports.

Australians confused over sunscreen safety

New research shows only 55% of Australians believe sunscreen is safe to use every day. The National Sun Protection Survey shows people are confused about the best sun protection methods. Madeline Paulsen reports.

Holden factory closes ending car production in Australia

It’s the end of an era in car manufacturing. Holden has put on the brakes in Australia. Sheridan Ireland reports.

Indigenous businesses embraced by the Commonwealth Games

In a world-first, Indigenous businesses have been invited to join the Commonwealth Games journey. This commitment to reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders hopes to build legacies for not only for them, but the first peoples of future host

Students flying high with drone piloting classes

It’s up, up and away for 13 lucky Brisbane students studying to become drone pilots. They’re the first high schoolers in the country to have this program in their curriculum. Lily Greer reports.

Trawler search goes into third day

Queensland is still reeling from wild weather which caused loss of power, school closures and evacuations across the state. Today, the sole known survivor of a trawler tragedy was reunited with his loved ones, but authorities now concede his six

Wilkie wants independent inquiry into Crown Casino allegations

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says the major federal parties are dodging their responsibility to investigate serious money-laundering allegations against Crown Casino. He’s demanding an independent inquiry, into allegations of illegal misconduct. Madeline Paulsen reports.

Health summit focuses on Indigenous children

A new program aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal babies is being trialled in Queensland. Health workers say the program is already a success raising hopes it could be expanded across Australia. Claire Boughey reports.