Author: Lily Nothling

Bikie laws cause controversy in parliament

Outlaw bikie gangs are again causing a stir in Queensland. The Opposition has attacked the State Government for not doing enough, following reports gangs are out to recruit more members. Elisabeth Moss reports.

Speeding drivers given a warning sign

Dangerous drivers will be given a wake up in the form of flashing warning signs. In all, 200 signs will be installed across Brisbane. Milyka McCutcheon reports.

Great Barrier Reef expedition to map coral

In what could be a world first, marine scientists are mapping the entire Great Barrier Reef. It’s hoped the ‘big picture’ will restore the sensitive coral environment. Ashleigh Dwan reports.

Making Mum’s day special

They’re probably the most important person in our lives. And the opportunity to show Mums how much they mean to us is fast approaching. Now the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. Emma Francis reports.

NAPLAN nerves on pen and paper

Queensland students have begun their NAPLAN tests. And it’s still being done with pencil and paper because the government postponed online assessments. Reece D’Alessandro reports.

Council splashes out on Sandgate water park

Brisbane City Council is splashing the cash for a new aquatic playground in Sandgate. It’s hoping residents will get more involved in recreational exercise and lead better lifestyles. Caitlin Archbold reports.

Live art to raise mental health awareness

Brisbane artists are creating new works on digital billboards around the city. The welfare group Anglicare is driving the project to raise awareness of mental health issues. Batool Al Sallakh reports.

Lonely lizards looking for love

The RSPCA usually finds new homes for dogs and cats. But now they have some lizards looking for adoption too, because they can’t be released back into the wild. Megan Dennis reports.

Technology causing ‘text neck’ strain

A recent health survey reveals a link between poor posture and using mobile phones. The Chiropractors’ Association warns the problem is becoming chronic. Elisabeth Moss reports.