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The worst kind of train delay

There’s more turmoil over the delivery of a brand new fleet of trains for South East Queensland. They should have been on the tracks here, by now. But the Transport minister says she’s determined to resolve the series of embarrassing

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Sunshine state not so sunny

Queensland is being drenched by the heaviest rainfall since Cyclone Debbie. Hardest hit, the state’s north. While wet weather in Brisbane is already disrupting some major local events. Kristopher Anderson reports.

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Koala numbers on the decline

There’s more bad news for southeast Queensland’s endangered koalas. A new report has found that almost 200 koalas died, after their habitat was cleared for development. Andy Leung reports.

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Cathy Freeman announced as Commonwealth Games ambassador

Australia’s golden girl Cathy Freeman has been unveiled as the sixth Gold Coast Commonwealth Games ambassador. The Premier says it’s an incredible coup. Tamika Seeto reports.

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Prime Minister and Qld Premier to work on Cross River Rail issues

Our Premier and the Prime Minister have been exchanging barbs about funding for weeks. Today, Annastacia Palaszczuk and Malcolm Turnbull sat down for a meeting. And they agreed to work on a number of “issues” including the Cross River Rail

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Queensland’s hottest graduation ceremony

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service hosted its 100th graduation service in Brisbane today. Past recruits helped to celebrate the momentous occasion. Kate Lavrencic reports.

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Small town turns into cinematic hub

Independent filmmakers and students are heading bush for Australia’s outback version of the Cannes Film Festival. The Outback Film Festival is back. And this year, it’s celebrating women. Laura English reports.

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City kids get a taste of the country

Around a 1000 young city students have experienced what it’s like to be a country kid. It’s a taste of what’s to come at this year’s EKKA. Marisa Kuhlewein reports.

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Students come out fighting for higher education

Angry university students took to Brisbane streets, protesting Canberra’s cuts to higher education. They rallied outside the Convention Centre, where the Prime Minister was attending a luncheon. Lily Nothling reports.

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Former ice addict dedicated to educating others

Alarming new figures show a 480 per cent increase, in the presence of methamphetamine in Brisbane’s waste water. Now, community groups are leading the fight against the ice epidemic. Kristopher Anderson reports.

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