Author: Kurravi Piggott

Uluru summit to address constitutional recognition

Produced by Kurravi Piggott Uluru will provide the backdrop for a convention of hundreds of Aboriginal leaders. The First Nations summit will address the question of constitutional recognition and other reforms ahead of National Reconciliation Week.

Queensland has become home to Australia’s first poo-powered car

If you live in Brisbane’s south or west, every-time you flush the loo or use your shower and sink you will be helping drive Australia’s first poo-powered car. The Mitsubishi electric vehicle will use the human waste gas from around

Security to be stepped up at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Queensland police will closely monitor the global terror status as preparations continue for the Commonwealth Games. But it it appears people aren’t letting the latest attack affect their travel plans. Jesse Gentle reports.

One in four families are struggling to feed their children

More people in Queensland are living closer to the bread line than ever before. A new Salvation Army report indicates some families are struggling even to put food on the table. Lexy Haggard reports.

Protesters outraged over Lytton Road upgrade

A road project in East Brisbane has residents seeing red. They say the Council is forcing dozens of families out of their homes. Sarah Cawte reports.

Brisbane Airport could be underwater by 2100 says new study

Written by Laura English Produced for online by Kurravi Piggott May 24, 2017   Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast airports could be underwater by 2100 if new research from the United States proves accurate. The report says sea levels could

Experts say supporting those affected by the Manchester attack is vital

Written by Zarisha Bradley Produced online by Kurravi Piggott Experts say it is important to remember humanity and offer support to those affected in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack. Salman Abedi, 22, has been blamed for the attack, with

Lytton Road residents take upgrade outrage to the streets

Written by Kuravi Piggott May 24, 2017 East Brisbane residents today lined the fence of Parliament House protesting the planned upgrades of Lytton Road. The road is one of the most heavily congested thoroughfares in Brisbane and a planned $150-million

New anklet gives confidence to the incontinent

Written by Annie Pullar Produced online by Kurravi Piggott A device to help brain to bladder function among geriatric patients is one of the newest medical innovations being hatched in Brisbane.

Experts warn coconut oil may not be as healthy as first thought

Written by Megan Dennis Produced for online by Kurravi Piggott Coconut oil is the new super-food, but experts warn it may be doing more harm than good and people should not rely on the internet for advice.