Author: Jessica Riga

Security concerns rise ahead of Richard Dawkins’ Australian visit

By Tomson Calland, produced for online by Jessica Riga Concerns surrounding security are growing when evolutionary biologist and celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins visits Brisbane this month ahead of his lecture Science in the Soul. The controversial figure promotes free speech

Smokers could soon be paid to quit

By Bella Rigley, produced for online by Jessica Riga Australia is spending a total of $31.5 billion on the effects of smoking, but a new Tasmanian project thinks there is a more cost effective method for quitting, by offering small money

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Experts warn of unknown risks in popular e-cigarettes

By Kirsty Davis, produced for online by Jessica Riga With the popularity of electronic cigarettes at an all time high, major cigarette companies are progressively making the change after a huge increase in sales. But since the introduction of the

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AMP chair quits as pressure builds over royal commission

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes AMP chair Catherine Brenner made the right call in quitting this morning. Despite Brenner’s move, the company remains under pressure from revelations of misconduct at the Banking Royal Commission. Bridgette Vanderwolf reports.

Expert gives Australian schools the fail grade in favour of more tailored teaching

The Australian school curriculum should receive a fail grade, according to a new report by education expert David Gonski. He says we need more targeted teaching and Queensland wants the money to do it. Gemma Niwa reports.

99-year-old War veteran’s home destroyed in blaze as winter house fire season looms

By Jessica Riga An accomplished WWII war veteran’s home has been gutted after flames engulfed his house on Sunday night, prompting a timely reminder of fire safety ahead of Winter. Robert Jackson, 99, was pulled to safety by emergency services

Olympic cyclist says safety for all road users is paramount

It’s Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week. And this morning, champion cyclist Anna Meares said it was up to authorities to ensure everyone on our roads stays safe. Madeline Escobar reports.

Organics industry shocked by Government’s plans for forced chemical sprays

By Alice Sinclair, produced for online by Jessica Riga Australia’s organic growers and wholesalers are fighting the Federal Government after they were left in the lurch following a proposal for compulsory chemical treatments on imported seeds. The proposed reforms include

Australia’s youngest-ever Senator wants teens at the polling booths

By Thomas McLaughlin, produced for online by Jessica Riga 23-year-old Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John will introduce a bill into parliament allowing citizens as young as 16 to vote.

#MeToo rises in Japan as sexually harassed journalists speak out

By Gemma Niwa, produced for online by Jessica Riga The “Me Too” movement has arrived in Japan, breaking through barriers of media censorship and taking on high profile men in powerful positions. The Japan Times says many female journalists are