Author: Georgina Hewson

Prime Minister announces new support package for drought-stricken communities

The Prime Minister has urged farmers not to be too proud to ask for help. He’s announced a new support package for drought-hit communities across four states. But critics say, it’s too little, too late. Stella Reeve reports.

Police officers honoured on national Remembrance Day

Hundreds marched the streets of Brisbane to honour police officers who died in the line of duty. The tribute was part of National Police Remembrance Day. Hannah Burstow reports.

Children injured in Canberra bus crash

A bus carrying school children has crashed into an embankment north of Canberra. Almost all passengers were treated for minor to severe injuries. Georgie Hewson reports.

Drone deemed to be the delivery future

We can already choose all sorts of takeaway food to be delivered. But soon, we might be able to choose a drone to deliver it. Jakob Funk reports.

RAAF jets take to the sky for Riverfire

It may have sounded like thunder or an explosion. But it was an RAAF jet rumbling across Brisbane’s sky today, heralding the coming Riverfire. Elizabeth Neil reports.

Properties unlocked for Brisbane Open House

The veil will be lifted on some of Brisbane’s most historic buildings. 119 properties will be unlocked for the 10th anniversary of Open House. Pagan Blight reports.

Footy fever on Grand Final Eve

Melbourne was ready to celebrate. Then, it rained on the AFL Players Parade! But another tradition, Grand Final-eve training, was a hot ticket for fans. Sam Wilson reports.

Broncos women’s team gears up for the preliminary final

The Broncos women’s NRL team is gearing up ahead of Saturday’s preliminary final. And they’re a big chance to play in the Grand Final. Kristen Camp reports.

Prime Minister hits back at climate critics

The Prime Minister hits back at critics of Australia’s climate change record. In a major speech to the UN, Scott Morrison was adamant Australia would meet all its climate commitments. Jakob Funk reports.

Ocean ecosystems are collapsing

Yet another report has warned that our oceans ecosystems are collapsing. Scientists say it could cause devastating problems for our coastal communities. Pagan Blight reports.