Author: Emily Halverson

Can we blame university students for cheating?

By Emily Halverson Last year, 17 AFL players were served a one-year ban from the 2016 Premiership Season for doping at Essendon Football Club. This year the disciplined players are back enjoying footy, with very heathy pay checks to prove

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One in six suffering chronic back pain

By Jesse Gentle Produced for online by Emily Halverson One in six Australians reportedly suffers from chronic back pain, but the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia hopes to raise awareness with Spinal Health Week.

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Study shows brown snakes grow deadlier with age

By Renee Borgeaud Produced for online by Emily Halverson A new study shows brown snakes become more deadly as they get older and there has been a spate of sightings. University of Queensland’s biological science professor Dr Brian Fry led

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Qld leads way for support of live music

By Batool Al Sallakh Produced for online by Emily Halverson Performance artists in Australia have struggled with support and recognition, but some states have stepped up their support for the art scene in their cities. While New South Wales and

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Aussie kids are learning to code

By Milyka McCutcheon Produced for online by Emily Halverson Two hundred thousand Australian kids are set to learn the language of computer coding under a new computer education program.

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Private patients jumping the queue in public hospitals

By Reece D’Alessandro Produced for online by Emily Halverson Public hospitals are being accused of prioritising patients based on their wealth rather their clinical needs.

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Uni students face chop over “contract” cheating

University students are about to face a crackdown on cheating. One Brisbane university has uncovered emails from people offering to do assignments for money. It warns cheating can lead to expulsion. Lily Nothling reports.

Virtual reality program simulates mental illness

A Queensland organisation is helping us understand what a mental illness feels like. It’s developed a virtual reality program for schools that simulates disorientation. Tamika Seeto reports.

Top chefs promote the Biggest Morning Tea

How do you make a scone more appetising? Forget jam and cream. Try vegemite. That’s what some of Brisbane’s top chefs are doing as they promote Australia’s biggest morning tea. Charlotte Tully reports.

Scammers Turning To Social Media

By Jesse Gentle Produced for online by Emily Halverson Scammers are increasingly using social media and dating scams to target victims according to the latest Targeting Scams Report released for National Consumer Fraud Week.

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