Author: ​Danielle Veivers

Kava: A tradition, a business, and a problem

By Danielle Veivers Traditionally, Kava, the aniseed-tasting drink that some people say looks like thin muddy water,  was used for ceremonial purposes in Vanuatu, but changing times have given it a new role. It’s a sedative drink made from the

The future of news in Vanuatu

By Danielle Veivers Increasing internet and social media use is forcing newspapers in Vanuatu to consider the future of communication. The tradition of “coconut radio” in the villages, the mysterious and rapid transmission of news by word-of-mouth-and-thought, is taking up new

Cruising to paradise: big ships to transform the Pacific holiday business

By Danielle Veivers The great boom around the world in ocean cruises has definitely not left out the South Pacific, where cruising has been part of the travel scene for several decades. In New Caledonia, industry leaders are focused on