Author: Brent Gray

Dutton faces backlash over refugee comments

Written by Kiera Wallace, edited for online by Brent Gray. Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is facing negative backlash in response to a comment of the refugee intake possibly being boosted to 50,000.

New treatment approach for cancer patients

Written by Isabella Pilbeam, edited for online by Brent Gray. An alarming number of cancer patients aren’t receiving a balanced treatment that encompasses both emotional and physical support but that all could change with new funding. New South Wales Cancer

Vitamins and supplements could be doing more harm than good

Written by Paxton Roth, edited for online by Brent Gray. A new report by the New York Times and US-TV’s Frontline program is raising questions about the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements. The report from the US

New study shows anti-depressants in Australia on the rise

Written by Elise Whitaker, edited for online by Brent Gray. A new study in the Medical Journal of Australia has suggested doctors are over-prescribing anti-depressant medication, despite studies showing they are not as effective once thought.

Why Body Building competitions are so popular

Months of preparation, strict dieting and hard training all count this weekend as the INBA (International Natural Body Building Association) Brisbane Classic hosted at the Sleeman Sports Complex takes place. While thousands flock to compete this weekend, the risks and

Leaders go head to head in first public debate

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten go head-to-head tonight, in the first public debate of the election campaign. It follows another rough day on the hustings. The Prime Minister’s team copped a blast from Tony Abbott’s former Chief of Staff, while

New development plan for South East Queensland

The State Government and local councils are seeking public submissions over the next six weeks, before they thrash out a new development plan for South East Queensland. Brisbane’s West End, is sure to draw local comment over its controversial high

Missing bushwalker found alive

A bushwalker has been rescued after three days lost in a northern New-South-Wales state forest. Searchers were worried for his safety because the area has recorded freezing overnight temperatures. Jessica Stewart reports.

Bodybuilders get set for competition in Brisbane

There’s been a resurgence of interest in body-building, and big crowds are expected at a major Brisbane competition this weekend. The sport first came into the mainstream during the 1980s, but since then has been dogged by controversy. Joseph Ogilvie

Collingwood coach defends Pies disastrous start

Collingwood arrived in Brisbane today ahead of tomorrow’s game against the Lions. The Pies have had a disastrous start to their season and former coach Mick Malthouse thinks he knows where it all went wrong. Mary-Clare Simpson reports.