Author: Bernard Thompson

Chinese Cyber Hacking: What is unit 61398?

By Bernard Mark Thompson The U.S. Department of Justice caught the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) off guard when it charged five of its officers with economic cyber espionage. The in-depth 56 page indictment says the five military officers actively

Chinese Cyber Hacking: Australia-China FTA talks under threat

By Bernard Mark Thompson Australian and Chinese free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations are under threat after revelations Chinese espionage units have actively hacked Australian corporations and federal parliament emails. This follows the U.S. government’s move to indict five Chinese military

Public service jobs face budget blow

As Budget Day 2014 draws closer, there is now speculation more than 200 Government programs face cuts. And, thousands of public service jobs could go. Premier Campbell Newman says he’ll stand up for Queensland, if the Abbott Government’s first budget

Investigation into poisoned trees

Brisbane City Council is investigating how six large eucalypt trees in suburban Ascot were poisoned. But not all is as it seems. Some residents are suggesting that the trees weren’t killed to increase property values. Brooke Holdsworth reports.

Viney wins appeal

In AFL news Jack Viney has defied the odd and had his two match ban for a high bump, overturned. The Melbourne Demons player was back on the field today. Cameron Kirby has this report.

Archerfield most dangerous suburb in heat waves: study

By Lauren Cooney. Edited for online by Bernard Thompson. A Queensland University of Technology and Arizona State University joint study on environmental factors reveals summer temperature hikes are more likely to cause heat-related admissions to hospital. The study shows emergency

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Euthanasia advocates say law change unlikely despite doctor’s admission

By Jim Malo. Edited for online by Bernard Thompson. Euthanasia proponents are again pushing for legalising assisted suicide following a Victorian doctor’s admission that he helped a man to die. Dr Rodney Syme last month confessed on ABC Radio to

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School chaplaincy program should be abolished: Commission of Audit

By Tom Armstrong. Edited for online by Bernard Thompson. Religious groups and school organisations are concerned over the future of the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) following the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit recommendations for it to be abolished. The

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Claim minimum wage cut proposal will hurt migrant workers

By Saskia Edwards. Edited for online by Bernard Thompson. Migrant advocates are concerned the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit proposal to reduce the minimum wage will significantly lower foreign workers’ standard of living. The Commission of Audit, released earlier this

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Brisbane bar owners concerned over greater regulation

By Bernard Thompson Brisbane Bar owners say a moral panic over alcohol related crimes have been fuelled by media hype and social media. Small businesses owners and government ministers today gathered for the Inaugural Accord to discuss how to better