Author: Beatriz Alonso Montalvo

Ipswich councillors not backing down over corruption allegations

Some Ipswich Councillors have indicated they won’t back down over the corruption crisis now facing council. The Government plans to appoint an administrator, but has to give councillors a chance to reply. Ratepayers just want an end to it all.

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Queensland’s film industry gets $140 million federal boost

Soon it’ll be lights, camera, action on the Gold Coast “Glitter Strip”. The Turnbull Government has created a $140 million incentive to lure Hollywood blockbusters to Queensland. Gemma Niwa reports.

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Demand on the rise for electric bikes

Cycling has taken the world by storm. Now the electric bike is sweeping Brisbane. They cost as little as $20 a year to run, and are congestion busting. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Broncos take controversial win over Bulldogs

The Broncos narrowly got away with a win over the Bulldogs 22 to 20. But there was a controversial full time penalty, and an angry Canterbury coach. Max Eagels reports.

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Critics call for abolition of tampon tax

Written by Kirsty Davis Produced for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Tampons and pads are considered a luxury item by the Federal government. Dozens of websites such as the Period Project are campaigning against the tax. Melbourne Homeless Collective founder

Education experts have called The National Assessment Program into question

Written by Lucy Czerwinski Produced for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) has been called into question following a landmark review into Australian schooling. Schools are calling for greater support to deliver

Bystanders are urged to #DoSomething to confront domestic violence.

Written by Lucy Czerwinski. Produce for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Bystanders are being urged to take action when confronted with domestic violence as part of a Queensland Government initiative.

Hundreds celebrate the 30th anniversary of Expo 88

Written by Rory Scott Produced for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Hundreds of people have gathered to remember the 30th anniversary of the start of World Expo 88, held in Brisbane in 1988.

Aussies urged to go vegetarian for a month

Written by Kirsty Davis. Produce for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Thousands of Australians are expected to ditch meat from their diet for 31 days starting tomorrow. With more than two million Australians already vegetarian, No Meat May campaign Co-Founder

Prince Charles Hospital’s new carpark will take more than 18 months to be built

By Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Health Minister Steven Miles announced on Friday that the Queensland State Government would build a new carpark at Prince Charles Hospital to take pressure off the on-street parking in the area. But it will not be