Author: Ashleigh Whittaker

Nasal stem cells may help paraplegics to walk again

By Ashleigh Whittaker A new research centre that has begun pioneering research and already boasts a breakthrough in nasal stem cell science was officially opened today by the Queensland Premier. The Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research

Motorists urged to be cass-o-wary

Written by Imogen Kars, edited for online by Ashleigh Whittaker. Far North Queensland’s favourite mascot is in terrible danger. It’s been the worst week on record for cassowary deaths, with three dying in two days in North Queensland.

Black lung makes a resurgence

Written by Joshua Cheadle, edit for online by Ashleigh Whittaker. The number of former Queensland coal miners diagnosed with black lung disease has risen to eight, with an even bigger number of suspected cases to be confirmed in the coming

Cot safety under scrutiny

Written by Catherine Butt, edited for online by Ashleigh Whittaker. More than 50 children in Western Australia are injured in cot-related incidents each year. The new figures have prompted Western Australia’s Commerce Minister Michael Mischin to initiate a new education

Backpacker tax under review

Written by Samantha Cheney, edited for online by Ashleigh Whittaker The Australian Federal Government has announced a review into the introduction of the controversial backpacker tax, with working holidaymakers given the “all clear” to continue to earn $18,200 tax free

Study finds moving schools multiple times may cause psychotic symptoms

Written by Julia Wighton, edited for online by Ashleigh Whittaker New research shows that children who move from school to school are more likely to develop psychotic symptoms by the age of 18 than those who don’t move at all.

Gender pay gap might be linked to job applicant behaviour

Written by Catherine Butt, edited for online by Ashleigh Whittaker. New research from the US claims women’s lack of competitiveness may be contributing to the gender pay gap and inequality in the workplace. The study from the University of Michigan

Jobs promised in election campaign

It’s week two of the federal election campaign and both leaders have begun with a focus on jobs in ship-building, and the car industry. Helen Driscoll reports.

RACQ lobbies for better highways

The RACQ is calling on both sides of politics to make road funding a priority during the election campaign. The motoring body has released its wishlist of infrastructure projects, with the Bruce and Warrego Highways featuring prominently. Adriana Mageros reports.

World Science Festival coming to Brisbane

By Ashleigh Whittaker and Toby Crockford The World Science Festival is already causing a buzz around Brisbane’s Southbank, with the event tipped to not only inspire the next generation of budding scientists, but also boost the city’s profile as the