Author: Ann Lund

Election Special: Young Voters

The 2019 election is set to be a close call. According to political analysts there are key issues dividing voters and generations. Brigitte O’Brien reports.

Election Special: Petrie Profile

It’s been dubbed the battle of Brisbane. The seat of Petrie, with a margin of just 1.6%, is held by a thread. Leanne Nebe reports.

Election Special: Gender Balance

In twenty-nineteen, gender equality remains an issue in many lines of work. In Politics, the imbalance is no different. Tim Lofthouse reports.

Election Special: Social Media

Gone are the days of advertising only on the TV and radio. Politians are picking up social media to engage with voters. Laura Daly reports.

QUT TV News – Wednesday 15 May 2019

In this bulletin, Queensland is in the grip of a flu disaster. The election race has turned personal as two former Prime Ministers berate sitting members. One of Brisbane’s biggest cycling events is attracting thousands of riders and they’re raising

QUT TV News – Tuesday 14 May 2019

In this bulletin, the needs of first home buyers continues to dominate the campaign trail. Queensland scientists have made a breakthrough in the understanding of mental health. Motorists have been warned about an increasingly deadly danger on the roads. It’s

QUT TV News – Monday 13 May 2019

In this bulletin, new research shows Labor is on track to win the election. Coalition leader Scott Morrison was out early, selling his plans to drop the first home deposit dramatically. Domestic violence is a huge problem in Australia. So,

QUT TV News – Friday 10 May 2019

In this bulletin, the Labor Party has released its long-awaited report into the cost of election promises. The scandal plagued Logan City Council is turning over a new leaf. Its new administrator today outlined her vision for the future. A

QUT TV News – Thursday 9 May 2019

In this bulletin, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, an introduction to the newest royal. Police believe the body found in a sewage tank at a Wynnum pumping plant is a missing local man. The approaching federal election

Royal baby Archie introduced to the world

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, an introduction to the newest royal. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex showed off baby Archie to the world. Chris Smith reports.