Brisbane Truck Show rolls into town

The heavy vehicle industry has shifted up a gear, at the Brisbane Truck Show. Everything from clever safety features, to a new jobs hub will be revving up truck enthusiasts.

Grace Desoe reports.


The biggest brands, showing off their sparkly new trucks.

Truck enthusiasts and industry professionals are excited to check out the new technology.

Todd Hacking, CEO HVIA: “They really are so high tech, so a truck I say is just a big computer with wheels.”

The trucks have all of the safety features a high end car would have, including automatic braking, driver fatigue alarms and adaptive cruise control.

Thiago Leal, Volvo Product Manager: “It means less accidents, less chances of an accident happening, more relaxed drivers because they don’t have to worry so much.”

Industry professionals want to sway the stigma surrounding heavy vehicles.

They say in around 80 per cent of crashes involving trucks, it’s actually the lighter vehicles that are at fault.

Adam Gibson, NTI Engineer: “If we look at the trend over the last 16 years and we follow that forwards, we see that we’re on track for zero heavy vehicle involved fatalities in 2032.”

The industry also wants to improve inclusion.

The number of female drivers is steadily increasing, but there’s still room for growth.

With these trucks being safer than ever, and more female drivers, the public should feel very comfortable on the road.

Grace Desoe, QUT News.