Former PMs on the campaign trail

The election race has turned personal as two former Prime Ministers berate sitting members. But do voters really prefer politicians to focus on policy?

Brittany Butler reports.


The ghosts of government’s past.

One day after two former Liberal PMs campaign together, Paul Keating launches a scathing attack.

Paul Keating, Former Labor Prime Minister: “I’ve never seen any public figure as mean or mean-spirited as Peter Dutton.”

Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton is fighting for the marginal seat of Dickson.

Paul Keating, Former Labor Prime Minister: “The electors in Dickson have a chance to drive a political stake through his dark political heart.”

But Mr Dutton tells Twitter followers Paul Keating inspired him to join the Liberal Party.

And he says the real danger is Bill Shorten.

Not to be outdone, John Howard also had something to say about the Opposition Leader’s tax policy.

John Howard, Former Liberal Prime Minister: “I detect in the community a lot of growing suspicion that Bill Shorten is after your savings.”

But apparently many voters want the talk to be about policy and not personal attacks.

VOX 1: “I think they are ridiculous and they are like school kids in the playground, they need to grow up.”

VOX 2: “I think it’s really disgusting the way politics is running this country now, I don’t know why the standard has sunk so low.”

VOX 3: “I don’t want to hear what the other person did wrong, I want to hear what you’re doing right.”

With only three days to go until the election, it looks likely the result will come down to the 17 per cent of undecided voters.

The latest Newspoll has Labor ahead 51 – 49.

Brittany Butler, QUT News.