Teacher suspended for tackling student

A deputy principal has been suspended for wrestling with a student in school yard brawl. The teacher tackled the student while trying to break up a fight.

Grace Desoe reports.


Dramatic video footage shows the deputy principal of the Perth school, Grant Walton, stepping in and pinning the teenager to the ground.

The student appears to size up Mr Walton and throw some punches before the teacher tackles him.

The student’s mother says her son wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Boy’s mother: “He was defending himself, he was emotional.”

She says she still wants Grant Walton to keep his job and says the video of her son fighting saddens her.

Boy’s mother: “His emotions overtook him.”

The incident was reported to police and the Education Department is investigating the teacher’s actions.

The incident is one of a spate of school fights that have been recorded by kids on their smartphones and uploaded to social media.

Public schools in WA have cracked down on violence this year.

Nearly one thousand Western Australian students have been suspended this year for hurting staff or other students.

Grace Desoe, QUT News.