Major parties focus on first home buyers plans

The needs of first home buyers continues to dominate the campaign trail. The leaders of the major parties are both claiming they have the best plans as they vie for young voters.

James Stephens reports.


With just four days left Scott Morrison is in Boothby reinforcing his first home buyers plan.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “We’re just figuring out the politics of the walk-in robe.”

The Prime Minister’s new grant would see young home buyers purchase new homes with just a 5% deposit due to a government guarantee.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “It looks like a great plan to get Australians into their first home. That’s what it is. That’s what it’s doing.”

But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says Labor have always done more for first time buyers.

And they would be better off going with his party.

Bill Shorten, Labor leader: “It fits within our general parameters because you know, the Labor Party has been working on ideas for three years.”

Shorten is campaigning in Burnie in Tasmania and has guaranteed a wages increase on his first day if elected.

Bill Shorten, Labor leader: “What we want to do is just get wages moving again, but we will take on board in our submission even before Fair Work makes a decision, the argument’s about businesses and industries capacity to pay.”

Pre-poll stations have seen 2.6 million people cast their votes, avoiding Saturday’s queues.

James Stephens, QUT news.