New administrator gets down to work for Logan City Council

The scandal plagued Logan City Council is turning over a new leaf. Its new administrator today outlined her vision for the future. It follows the dramatic dismissal of the entire council.

Laura Daly reports.


An entire council gone in one fell swoop.

Now Logan’s interim administrator is tasked with leading the city until local elections next year.

She’s taking stock and making plans with clear objectives.

Tamara O’Shea, Administrator: “To ensure that council’s services continue to be provided as efficiently and as effectively as they have been done in the past, so business as usual.”

Miss O’Shea hopes to help lead the city during a period of uncertainty.

Tamara O’Shea, Administrator: “My role is to provide stable leadership in partnership with the council administration senior executive, and a soon to be established interim management committee.”

The former public servant says she didn’t expect the appointment but welcomes the challenge.

Tamara O’Shea, Administrator: “I was surprised, but beyond surprised I was actually quite privileged and I felt very honoured to be asked to take up this important role.”

The city’s new administrator has a big job ahead, but says she’s looking to the future, instead of dwelling on decisions of the past.

Tamara O’Shea, Administrator: “I’m here really to look forward, I can’t comment on what happened in the past.”

The Logan City Council was sacked by the government after eight out of twelve councillors including former Mayor Luke Smith were charged by the crime and corruption commission.

It’s the second City Council within 12 months to be sacked.

Ipswich City Council was dismissed last August.

Laura Daly, QUT News.