City kids get up close and cuddly with some country critters

Some lucky students met farm animals of all shapes and sizes at the Ekka showgrounds. The event educates city kids about where their food comes from.

Bianca Snodgrass reports.


This is the 16th year the country has come to the city kids.

It gives them the opportunity to say hey to farmers and their livestock.

Brendan Christou, RNA: “There is a bit of this, there is a bit of a divide between city and country and that’s what Ekka is all about. It’s making sure we all understand where our food comes from and that’s what the Ekka is all about. It’s making sure we all understand where our food comes from and the importance of agriculture and our farmers.”

Three hundred and fifty students from schools around Brisbane got into the Ekka spirit.

They all dressed as farmers to do hands-on activities which produced lots of big smiles.

Melissa Stubbs has been a part of this event for four years.

Melissa Stubbs, Brisbane Pony Parties and Farms: “A lot of kids these days don’t even know where a lot of our items come from. Clothes, milk all that sort of thing. So by having hands on experience with the animals they learn that stuff.”

They learned about the milk supply chain, watched sheep shearing, even found out how to plant lettuce.

The student’s favourite activity: cuddling the baby animals of course.

Vox 1: “I fed the goats um they all came running at me, like three of them all came running at my food cause they love it.”

Events like this give kids from the city a chance to meet kids from the farm, and see where their food comes from.

Overall, it hasn’t been a baa-d day, here at the Ekka Showgrounds.

Bianca Snodgrass, QUT News.