Young Endeavour sails through lessons in mateship

One of Australia’s more unusual programs to develop skills amongst the young has arrived in Brisbane. The ship Young Endeavour encourages confidence and teamwork.

Tim Lofthouse reports.


The Young Endeavour left Newcastle with its young Australian crew ten days ago.

It sailed into Brisbane to pick up sick children for a day on the water.

The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme, with backing from the navy, has been teaching young sailors for more than three decades.

Michael Gough, Young Endeavour Captain: “We take them out for seven days and teach them how to sail the ship and then on day eight we give them control of the ship for twenty four hours and we give them a list of tasks to complete during that period.”

More than 13,000 young Australians have passed through the scheme, learning about mateship.

Olivia Humphreys, Young Endeavour Crew Member: “It was easy to just kind of talk to anyone because nobody was forming like little groups essentially, so anyone was able to talk to anybody about anything and always ask for help.”

The crew of 24 say they thrived under the pressure of responsibility and working as a unit.

So it’s been an exceptionally rewarding experience.

Brenton Tisdall, Young Endeavour Crew Member: “I really enjoyed the climbing the loft going on top of the mast was pretty spectacular, and then as well as that doing some helms work and you know, just being part of the crew.”

During their 11-day journey, the Young Endeavour crew have had to develop strong communication, teamwork and leadership skills as they learnt to sail the ship.

They say they have made lifelong friendships.

And that experience will continue when the current tall ship is eventually replaced.

Tim Lofthouse, QUT News.