One million species at risk of extinction

There’s been a staggering new claim about life on earth. Up to one million species are being wiped out and scientists are calling it a mass extinction.

Ivy Mullins reports.


A report backed by the UN has been released.

The scientific study reveals a devastating future for our planet.

Gemma Plesman, Wilderness Society: “This landmark report brutally revealed the state of the world’s eco-systems.”

We are living in what scientists say is the sixth mass extinction in history.

And the report hits close to home.

Australia is said to be one of the leading countries causing environmental damage.

Gemma Plesman, Wilderness Society: “We are doing a terrible job at protecting the ecosystems. Earlier reports show have actually found Australia is number one in the world for mammal extinction and number two in the world for bio-diversity loss.”

The report’s release just happens to coincide with election campaigning.

But it puts politicians under pressure.

Gemma Plesman, Wilderness Society: “The report laid out what governments need to do and that is to transform our environmental laws internationally.”

The report shows that it’s not too late to reverse the damage done.

As long as we act now to preserve the one million species at risk.

Ivy Mullins, QUT News.