New Mayor promises more greenspace for Brisbane

Brisbane ratepayers are to get more greenspace. The Council is buying 750 hectares of bushland from private owners before the end of next year.

Bianca Snodgrass reports.


It will cost more than 75 million dollars.

But newly sworn mayor Adrian Schrinner is keen to protect native bushlands and koala habitat.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “So we are increasing our green spaces, the city buying up properties and planting them out like we have here, behind us across the city.”

The council already has 700 hectares and now just needs another fifty.

The homes have been bought through the Bushland Preservation Levy collected in rates.

Brisbane City Council says this won’t be the last of the residential properties bought to expand existing parkland spaces, with four more properties acquired in Northy and Cullen Street in Windsor.

This 1,600 square metre area has been vulnerable to flooding.

Brisbane city is also among a group of regional councils contemplating a bid for the 2032 Olympics.

They hope an injection of funds from the IOC would help them to build better public transport systems.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “This has to happen regardless of whether we have a games or not. Better public transport, better and an upgraded roads network. This all needs to happen to accommodate the growth of the city. This is not about a games, this is about making sure we retain our liveability and ensure Brisbane remains easy to get around.”

But there’s been no firm decision on a bid yet.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “So I believe that a potential Olympic bid could change Brisbane for the better and importantly bring forward investment in infrastructure and that’s really important to get all three levels of government on the page together, delivering infrastructure.”

The IOC opens the formal bidding process next year.

Bianca Snodgrass, QUT News.