Facebook bans Breast Cancer awareness ads

Facebook is under fire after banning an Australian Breast Cancer advertisement. The social media group says it won’t accept the level of nudity in the content.

Jessica Rendall reports.


The advertisements show topless breast cancer survivors holding bread buns over their chest and aims to highlight the survivors’ scars and mastectomies.

The social media giant says the photographs violate their partial nudity policy and will uphold the ban until the ads are modified.

Kate Murray, Breast Cancer Survivor: “It’s insulting that they’ve banned them when they livestream mass-murder and anti-Muslim rhetoric and homophobic diatribes, it’s insane that they would ban something so beautiful.”

Statistics estimate more than 3,000 Australians will die from breast cancer this year, an average of eight people every day.

Breast Cancer Network Australia say these images are vital in raising awareness.

Survivors say this campaign could save lives and deserves the widest audience.

Kirsten Pilatti, Breast Cancer Network Australia: “I think the irony is that we can continue to post the pictures on our own Facebook page but they are not willing to help and promote the campaign.”

The campaign was created in partnership with Bakers Delight.

Some of their customers have reacted negatively, saying the images are inappropriate for their children to see. The retail chain says they do have backup photos, but for the moment they won’t be backing down.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Bakers Delight’s pink buns will be going directly to the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Jessica Rendall, QUT News.