Election campaigning heads to the Apple Isle

Party leaders could cross paths this week as their campaign trails head south. They’re both in Tasmania with the Prime Minister discussing an overhaul of the PBS and the Opposition leader promoting clean energy.

Alana Riley reports.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been campaigning in the Labor seats of Bass and Braddon on the Apple Isle.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “You ready? You’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Very nice, great Tassie apple.”

Mr Morrison heard how farmers were recovering from a fruit fly scare which threatened the industry earlier this year.

He also announced the most significant change to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme since 1986 giving cheaper and free medicine faster to one point four million Australians.

The policy will cost three-hundred and eight million dollars but could save patients eighty dollars a year.

Labor leader Bill Shorten was again talking up renewable energy promising a seventy-five million dollar boost towards building the sector.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “My absolute conviction and belief is that if we don’t change then the cost will be far greater than any initial investments.”

Labor’s new policy could create seventy-thousand jobs though new modelling shows their plan to cut emissions by forty-five per cent would slow economic growth.

With just sixteen days left until the Federal election, the campaign trail is heating up although not everyone’s as sweet as the apples in Tasmania.

Tony Abbott targeted by offensive graffiti with posters of the former prime minster popping up in his electorate of Sydney overnight.

The graffiti has since been removed and police are investigating the incident.

Alana Riley, QUT News.