Day: April 5, 2019

A Dangerous Disconnect

With the largest road cycling event South East Queensland has ever undertaken just a few weeks away, the hype around pedalling road users is at an all-time-high. But the number of aggravated incidents targeting cyclists is also on the rise,

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Catholic Church divided over George Pell’s guilty verdict

By Brigitte O’Brien “Innocent until proven guilty.” Berna Byrne, 85, sits on her veranda overlooking Mt Coot-tha, a peaceful scene for a woman lost in thought. George Pell’s guilty verdict has caused Berna to question the foundations of her faith.

The world’s first ‘bionic’ pop artist and her journey of making prosthetic art

By Alexis Moran Viktoria Modesta is a bionic artist that explores identity and the body through performance, fashion, technology and science. The Russian born star had her left leg amputated below the knee when she was just 20 years old.

Australia’s war on MDMA

Brigitte O’Brien reports. Australia’s war on illicit drugs isn’t working, but why? The answer is simple, some of the greatest risks from using illicit substances are because they are illegal.

Where are all the women in STEMM?

By Laura Daly History has no shortage of accomplished scientists. When we think of extraordinary breakthroughs, names like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawking, and Galileo Galilei come to mind quite easily. But for most of us, it is harder

FUTURE-PROOFING THE PLANET: The Importance of Leading By Example

By Isla Stanich For a long time, we’ve known in order to create lasting change, it’s important we pass messages and values along to the next generation. Today’s youth are the world’s future’s leaders, and it’s inevitable they’ll inherit a

‘Muslim Lives Matter’ protest – unification after Christchurch terror attacks

By Laura Lavelle Following New Zealand’s largest massacre in history, the Brisbane community has banded together to protest racism. The ‘Muslim Lives Matter’ march in King George Square saw an outpouring of support for those in Christchurch.

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Bosnian War Refugee Calls for Islam Education following Christchurch Massacre

Written by Laura Lavelle Imagine fleeing the place where you grew up – the place where you took your first steps, spoke your first words and created your first memories. Imagine practicing peace and tolerance your whole life, but being

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Combating the loneliness epidemic in our older generations

By Laura Daly Getting older is unavoidable. For many people, ageing will inevitably lead to a variety of physical health problems. The physical impacts of getting older are something we come to expect. But poor mental health as we age