Day: April 4, 2019

Invisible on Campus

Young man sits at the top of a high set of stairs staring thoughtfully down at the camera.

BRISBANE, QLD, __ When getting to know Will Kroger, people learn very quickly to speak clearly and talk facing their body toward him. The reason is, Will reads lips to compensate for his hearing impairment. At 30-years-old, he may be

NO TO ISLAMOPHOBIA | QUT Stands in Solidarity with Christchurch

By Isla Stanich In light of the tragic racist terror attack in Christchurch, QUT students and staff united on the Kidney Lawn at Garden’s Point Campus to stand with muslims against all Islamophobia and racism. This short video sheds light

The Deadly Science program helping to resource remote Indigenous schools

By Alexis Moran Deadly Science is a program helping to resource remote Indigenous children with books and knowledge at their schools. The program was developed by a young Indigenous animal technician and science communicator from the University of Sydney, Corey

Space Exploration: Our Next Chapter.

50 year’s after first stepping on the moon, human-kind is looking to put footsteps in a far more ambitious place than ever before. Up until Apollo 11 made landfall on the lunar surface in 1969, the ambition of the human

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Climate Conversation Heats Up

Large group holding a banner

How young people hope to make this election the #Climateelection.   BRISBANE, QLD __ In a crowded room at the Convention Centre on a Monday night in March, over 500 students, parents and activists gathered to celebrate and plan their