Tourists causing traffic troubles on Bribie Island

Bribie Island is best known as a quiet region north of Brisbane with an idyllic lifestyle and beachside getaways. But speedy tourists and congestion are causing headaches for locals.

Laura Daly reports.


No longer the quiet town it once was, increasingly popular Bribie Island is seeing congestion and traffic like never before.

Vox Pop: “Yeah, it’s really bad the congestion, I’m not very pleased about it.”

Vox Pop: “I don’t think there is anywhere in the western world where a suburban street is still kept at 70 kilometres.”

Vox Pop: “We get all the kids driving along throwing bottles outside the cars and everything as they’re hooning down onto the bridge.”

Locals say increasing tourists are adding even more strain on already congested main roads.

Paul Howard, Local real estate agent: “Our roads are all so clogged and causing traffic delays from Brisbane people that just want to come to the beach, its crazy.”

The bridge onto the island is one of the biggest contributors to congestion with locals explaining traffic can get so bad, it forces them to stay at home rather than brave peak hour conditions.

Paul Howard, Local real estate agent: “I’ll tell you something, that locals don’t go off the island at the weekend if they can help it.”

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says the federal government promised $20 million to upgrade the roads on the island four months ago.

Mr Bailey says then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took a sudden interest in Bribie Islands roads when there were votes up for grabs in Longman

The Palaszcuk government says after the LNP didn’t win the by-election, the money appears to have been forgotten.

Laura Daly, QUT News.