Day: May 3, 2017

QUT TV News – Wednesday 3 May 2017

In this bulletin, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hired schools reformer, David Gonski, for a new review and proposed a 75 per cent hike in funding over a decade. With one week to the Federal Budget Queensland is upping the

Fire ants discovered in more Brisbane suburbs

Fire ants are continuing their relentless invasion of Brisbane. Now local residents are being urged to help eradicate the pest. Cayla Marchant reports.

Federal budget under pressure to fund Cross River Rail

With one week to the Federal Budget Queensland is upping the pressure. They want Canberra to support Brisbane’s cross river rail link demanding proper cost sharing, for the huge infrastructure project. Emily Kuehner reports.

Brisbane City Council all smiles after speed sign success

Special speed warning signs introduced three years ago around Brisbane, are being hailed a success. They were designed to raise awareness about speeding in suburban streets. Maudy Veltema reports.

Cancer Council calls for bans on smoking in city squares

The Cancer Council wants a ban on all smoking in CBD green spaces. Brisbane’s Lord Mayor won’t commit to the move, saying Council has to monitor current smoke free laws. Harrison Bain reports.

QUT Radio News – Wednesday 3 May 2017

The headlines, Holocaust deniers have targeted a Queensland university with their extremist views. There are calls for an end to squabbling over Cross-River Rail, and virtual reality spiders and 3D meat. QUT Radio News is brought to you by Kate