Colouring calms the mind at the World Science Festival

In this hectic life today, juggling work, family and fun.

But somewhere along the line humans need to find an effective way to unwind.

A workshop at the World Science Festival may have an unusual solution.

Maudy Veltema reports.


Colouring – simply a children’s leisure activity? Think again.

Drinks, crayons and colouring sheets, set the scene for a relaxing evening at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.

It’s called “Colour me Calm”.

Neuroscientist Stanley Rodski explained his colour-tation technique that combines meditation and colouring to de-clutter the brain.

Dr. Stanley Rodski, Neuroscientist: “The brain can actually, through the process of repetition, pattern and control of a colouring, process mimic for the brain the effect of an hour of mediation.”

Just five minutes with a crayon is enough time to get your daily dose.

Dr. Stanley Rodski, Neuroscientist: “And it doesn’t matter whether you finish it in that time, then it has the effect on the brain that we want.”

Vox 1: “If I only have to invest 5 or 6 minutes definitely.”

The hands-on presentation was filled with fun exercises that sometimes challenged the brain.

Vox 2: “Can’t do it.”

Recent research shows that 53% of Australians feel frequently stressed.

The relaxing art of colouring in can provide relieve from daily stresses.

Dr Stanley Rodski, Neuroscientist: “For you millennials who need to be totally emerged in the digital world and have no time available to do anything, this is an answer.”

And here at least colouring-in did appear to calm the senses.

Maudy Veltema, QUT News.