Day: October 18, 2016

QUT Web News – Tues 18 Oct 2016

In this bulletin: The Supreme Court jury in Gabel Tostee’s murder trial tells the judge it’s having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict. At what cost? Debate over the Queensland government’s renewable energy target and the price of power. The Prime

Young boy survives triple fatal

A five-year old boy is the sole survivor of a crash which claimed the lives of his father, grandfather and a third man. He’s now recovering in hospital, with his mother by his side. Maudy Veltema reports.

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Creative space starts up in Brisbane

There’s a brand new complex opening in Brisbane where creative and innovative minds can come together. The co-working space will be home to more than two hundred start-up businesses. Elisabeth Moss reports.

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Price of Premier’s push for renewable energy debated

The Palaszczuk Government wants Queensland to reach a 50 per cent renewable energy target. Some say it could lead to increased costs and decreased reliability. Molly Houseman reports.

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Exotic meals on wheels in Brisbane

We’re used to the humble pie van and ice cream truck. But today, the city had some more exotic options. Food trucks which have proved such a success in Melbourne have come to Brisbane. Kate Lavrencic reports.

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Tostee jury having trouble reaching verdict

The jury in Gabel Tostee’s murder trial has told the judge it’s having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict. The case has had unprecedented media attention, something highlighted by the defence. Joseph Ogilvie reports.

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Cross-bench senator “deceived” on gun import deal

A key cross-bench senator has threatened to hold the Turnbull government hostage, over a deal on gun imports he says they reneged on. It came as the Parliament debated an industrial relations reform bill. The bill aims to crack down on union

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