Day: March 11, 2016

Human and robot communication is the key to success of the autonomous vehicle: Scientist

By Jacob Miley Imagine having a robotic chauffeur, or the idea of not having to drive at all. Dream no more, autonomous vehicles are just on the horizon. The biggest obstacle for researchers is the concept behind pedestrian and robotic

Crowds witness rare spectacle at the World Science Festival Brisbane

A Loggerhead turtle slowly escaping from it's egg.

By Toby Crockford Visitors to the World Science Festival Brisbane were lucky enough to see a group of Loggerhead turtles hatching today, before they embark on a 16-year journey around the world. The turtles on display were taken from Mon

Review: ‘Light Falls’ at Playhouse QPAC

By Tegan Atkins In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s full-length paper on the Theory of Relativity, Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein captivated audiences on the first two nights of Brisbane’s World Science Festival.