Month: March 2016

The first World Science Festival Brisbane proves a hit with the crowds

World Science Festival Brisbane crowds

Many thousands of people converged on Brisbane to take part in the first World Science Festival outside its traditional home in New York. Celebrities, scientists and the odd astronaut mixed with the young and the old to celebrate all things

Audiences lovin’ Dr Karl

Forget “the dog ate my homework”, there’s a far more deadly excuse poor students use to mask poor performance, according to Australian celebrity scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. The dead grandmother index was revealed by Dr Karl during a Great Moments

World Science Festival drawing large numbers of visitors to Brisbane

By Toby Crockford The World Science Festival is fulfilling expectations by attracting both national and international visitors to its new home, Brisbane. The festival secured some of the best scientific minds from across the globe, featuring more than 100 speakers

Human and robot communication is the key to success of the autonomous vehicle: Scientist

By Jacob Miley Imagine having a robotic chauffeur, or the idea of not having to drive at all. Dream no more, autonomous vehicles are just on the horizon. The biggest obstacle for researchers is the concept behind pedestrian and robotic

Crowds witness rare spectacle at the World Science Festival Brisbane

A Loggerhead turtle slowly escaping from it's egg.

By Toby Crockford Visitors to the World Science Festival Brisbane were lucky enough to see a group of Loggerhead turtles hatching today, before they embark on a 16-year journey around the world. The turtles on display were taken from Mon

Review: ‘Light Falls’ at Playhouse QPAC

By Tegan Atkins In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s full-length paper on the Theory of Relativity, Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein captivated audiences on the first two nights of Brisbane’s World Science Festival.

Audiences expected to fall in love with science at ‘Light Falls’ show

By Tegan Atkins Brisbane’s World Science Festival kicked off last night with a stunning and captivating performance of Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein.

Work an uncool job for a cool future

By Riana Horner The key message taken away from the Cool Jobs presentation at the World Science Festival in Brisbane was to get an uncool job. That was the advice to schoolchildren by US Space Mission project manager Artur B.

Students tackle pollution crisis at World Science Fair

By Brent Gray Today’s greatest scientific minds have yet to solve the pollution crisis in the Great Barrier Reef, but today at the World Science Fair primary school students were hard at work creating solutions to help the Reef. Climate

World-first virtual reality experience ready to roll at World Science Festival

By Hannah Kotaidis Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live the pre-historic age where dinosaurs and other creatures roamed the earth? You no longer have to imagine, thanks to the state-of-the-art virtual reality experience opening at