Day: May 20, 2015

QUT TV News – Wednesday 20 May 2015

The headlines… texting and talking on your mobile phone… could soon cost you double the points. More good news for the Abbott Government’s second Budget. Brisbane was floating in a sea of white this morning, the thick fog delayed planes

Double demerits for mobile phone users

The State government is cracking down on mobile users as part of a range of new road safety reforms. Queensland drivers caught using their mobile phones twice or more during a year will soon face a double demerit point penalty.

2015 Federal Budget pleases voters

In federal politics, more good news for the Abbott government’s second Budget. A focus group found swinging voters are happier with this year’s budget, which they say imposes “less pain”. Anna Grohn reports.

Morning fog blankets Brisbane

Brisbane was floating in a sea of white this morning. The thick fog delayed planes and reduced traffic to a crawl. And there’s more to come it’s only the start of Queensland’s fog season. Lewis Wiseman reports.

Measles alert for Brisbane hospital patients

Queensland Health has issued a public health warning about a possible measles outbreak. A Brisbane paramedic visited four local hospitals while unknowingly infected with the highly contagious condition. Melanie Williams reports.

Cherry-Evans out of Origin one

A week to go to Origin One and Queensland’s lost its star utility Daly Cherry-Evans, to injury. The Blues have fired their first shot into Maroon territory, in their sights Queensland playmaker, Jonathan Thurston. Saffi Kerezsy reports.

Queensland week paints the town maroon

With Origin right around the corner, Queenslanders need no excuse to break out the maroon. But instead of celebrating for one night, there’s now another reason to keep the party going. Sam Mortimer reports.

Fresh is best leads to markets’ success

With shows like Masterchef and Jamie Oliver whetting our appetites, we’re finding a new love of food and fresh produce. And that’s led to a growing interest in shopping at open-air markets. Tegan Atkins reports.

QLD government vows to improve child information security

By Roxanne Jeynes Edited for online by Tom Sharman The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services is under scrutiny this week, after an auditor-general’s report found continuous breaches surrounding the security of child safety information.

KAP aims to combat spike in sugar cane prices

Written by Laura Dixon Edited by Edwina Seselja Katter Australia Party MP Shane Knuth has introduced a Bill to State Parliament aimed at ensuring the continued transparency of cane industry after some millers sourced overseas workers.