Day: May 4, 2015

QUT TV News – Monday 4 May 2015

The headlines… Clean-up continues today following Friday’s flooding in Deception Bay. The Australian Federal Police has broken its silence over its role in the Bali Nine arrests. The State Government has a 30 million dollar plan, to reduce waiting times

Questions asked over rail link role in floods

The storms which ravaged Queensland late last week, have been declared a catastrophe. Questions remain about the role a new rail link may have had in the flooding of properties in Deception Bay. Some residents say, they may not be

AFP denies ‘blood on its hands’

The Australian Federal Police has broken its silence over its role in the Bali Nine arrests. Commissioner Andrew Colvin denied the force had “blood on its hands.” But he gave no guarantees that the same situation could not happen again.

Premier’s plan to cut waiting times in Queensland hospitals

The State Government has announced a $30 million plan to reduce waiting times in Queensland hospitals. The money will benefit those suffering from ear, nose and throat conditions. Some patients have been waiting years for treatment. Chris Thompson reports.

Budget deficit worse than predicted

An independent budget analysis warns the Federal Government is looking at a $47 billion blow-out in budget deficit estimates. Deloitte Access Economics compared the deficit to a work of horror. Rebecca McDonough reports.

Hospital offers oasis for sick kids

An oasis for sick kids has opened at The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The enchanted garden is a welcome addition to the new facility. Deon Savage reports.

Two dollars a day challenge

This week thousands of Australian stomachs will be rumbling as the “Live Below The Line” challenge kicks off. Participants in the campaign have to live on less than two dollars of food a day, for five days. But, it’s all

Anxious wait for AFL tribunals

Hawthorne Captain Luke Hodge faces an anxious wait. He’s due to appear before the AFL tribunal tomorrow, over an ugly first-quarter incident in the weekend game against North Melbourne. His Vice Captain Jordan Lewis can expect a two match ban,