Day: October 15, 2014

Police raid caravan parks

A dramatic police raid, on Brisbane’s north-side early this morning. Officers set up a command post outside two caravan parks. Dozens of uniformed police then blocked access and began searching for drugs and illegal squatters. Caitlin Parker reports.

Sydney whipped by wild storms

It’s been described as a “once in a century” storm event. And tonight, millions of people across New South Wales are still counting the cost. The deluge had it all; torrential, horizontal rain, cyclonic winds, even snow. Myles Holley reports.

Sydney clean up begins

If last night in Sydney was chaos, today, it was sheer hard work. Weary emergency crews were out again, alongside residents cleaning up the mess. Airports and roads may now be open but authorities are asking people to stay away,

Protestors countdown to G20

Police are warning G20 protesters that violent elements could infiltrate and hijack their peaceful demonstrations. The number of known protest groups has tripled in the last week. Celeste Skinner reports.

Helping hand for struggling students

A rally to highlight the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship was held at QUT Garden’s Point today. It coincided with a special event giving struggling students a helping hand. Jordan Cannon reports.

New memorial for Anzac Square

The $30 million dollar restoration of Anzac Square, is now one third complete. And, an extra memorial is soon to be added. Saffi Kerezsy reports.

Hayne quits NRL

Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne broke down today as he revealed he’s quitting the NRL. His decision to head to America, and the NFL, caught everyone by surprise. Tobi Loftus reports.

Pedal power for Brisbane commuters

Push bike riders came together today, to celebrate national Ride to Work day. And their message? Using a pushie doesn’t just have physical benefits, it’s good for the environment too. Mercy Bass reports.