Day: October 8, 2014

Extremists to be denied entry

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has foreshadowed new laws to make it illegal to ‘promote’ terrorism. This would allow border authorities the right to deny entry to those with extremist views. Mr Abbott says “hate preachers” need to be stopped at

Readers revolt at newspaper’s front page

According to thousands of its outraged readers, The Courier-Mail has a lot of explaining to do. Yesterday’s front page article relating to the murder of Mayang Prasetyo has been labelled as insensitive and distasteful by many Brisbane residents. Chris Thompson

Back into black for Premier Newman

Premier Campbell Newman was on the front foot today talking up the economy to almost one thousand business leaders. He estimates Queensland will be back in the black in just over twelve months. Taryn Watt reports. TRANSCRIPT The premier says

Caffeine could hit the wallet harder

Whether you’re sipping on a latte with lunch or getting a boost before clocking in at the office one thing’s for sure, you can soon expect to pay more for your daily caffeine hit, as the price of coffee beans

Park renovations will be a game changer

Milton’s Frew Park in on the verge of its grand re-opening after a 15 year hiatus. The historic home of Brisbane tennis is on track to be opened to the public next month. Joseph Cooney reports.

New brew for an old Brisbane bar

South Bank’s oldest pub, The Plough Inn is celebrating its 150th birthday today. The party will really get started tonight with the launch of a crafted signature brew. Caitlin Puplett reports.