Day: July 9, 2014

Melanesian Spearhead Group wants action on New Caledonia, de-nuclearisation and climate change

By Harriet Harvey The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) wants joint action within the Pacific region, on three key issues: independence for New Caledonia, reviving the de-nuclearisation debate, and pressing for international action on climate change.

Kava: A tradition, a business, and a problem

By Danielle Veivers Traditionally, Kava, the aniseed-tasting drink that some people say looks like thin muddy water,  was used for ceremonial purposes in Vanuatu, but changing times have given it a new role. It’s a sedative drink made from the

Celebrating Culture: Vanuatu Cultural Centre creating pride in the community

By Harriet Harvey Edgar Hinge works at the national cultural centre as a tour guide and he believes it is a great step in protecting and teaching Vanuatu’s history. “There was a very big demand to build a cultural centre