Day: July 3, 2014

Getting justice and settling differences in the French Pacific

By Nick Kelly Communication and co-operation are being put up as the key ingredients for any viable solution in New Caledonia as the French Pacific territory works towards a referendum on independence. In accordance with the two historic agreements brokered

Motorbikes: A Passion, Unbanned in the Pacific

By Jane Mahoney In New Caledonia motorbike riders are rarely hassled by police. A group of motorbike riders clad in leather, Harley Davidson insignias, scarves and skulls may sound an unlikely sight roaring into a tropical lagoon one hour north

Tjibaou Cultural Centre at Noumea: tribute to a leader

By Nick Kelly and Jaleesa Simpson Noumea’s Tjibaou Cultural Centre is a remarkable dedication to local culture in the spirit of separatist leader Jean-Marie Tjibaou. The cultural identity and native title of New Caledonia’s indigenous Kanak people are central pillars

Linking up: Australia likes New Caledonia but is not buying into its troubles

By Jane Mahoney The French Pacific territory of New Caledonia has many ties with Australia – especially in industry and trade. The island territory has numerous similarities to its former colonial neighbours, like Vanuatu or Fiji, in terms of political

Looking for work in nickel-rich New Caledonia

By Jaleesa Simpson and Danielle Veivers New Caledonia in the Southwest Pacific may be thriving on its nickel industry; but even as potentially the world’s second largest producer of nickel it struggles to employ local people. Yearly nickel exports of

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Impacts of ‘Big Nickel’

By Emma Clarke New Caledonia, home to a wealth of foreign and local business economies, is increasingly dependent on the forces of the international mining industry. The island territory, however, takes up the posture more as a king than as

Kanak radio station giving ‘pro-independents’ a voice

By Jaleesa Simpson The New Caledonia community radio station, Radio Djiido, is giving the Kanak culture a platform from which the Melanesian community can have its voice on the burning issue of independence. The station, community owned, operates from a

Reporting the South Pacific

Student journalists from QUT have been on a reporting tour, looking to help redress an imbalance in information about the South Pacific region. The six students, mostly in their final year of studies, will be travelling to New Caledonia, Vanuatu