Day: May 21, 2014

Abbott grilled on talkback radio

Prime Minister Tony Abbott winked and smirked, when a 67-year-old radio caller told him she works on a sex-hotline to make ends meet. A spokesperson later said the wink was to assure the presenter to proceed with the call. But

Students protest budget changes

Students gathered on campuses around the nation today, protesting changes to higher education in the federal budget. The Prime Minister pulled out of a visit to one university this morning because of the demonstrations. Saskia Edwards reports.

Drowning danger in Aussie waters

The Brisbane River has the second highest number of drownings in Australia. A new report reveals an alarming number of water incidents, over the past ten years. Lauren Cooney reports.

Coles announces thousands of jobs

The war between the supermarket giants is getting even more aggressive. Coles today announced it will open 31 new supermarkets which could force some small independent operators out of business. Danny Saba reports.

New centre to help hearing-impaired

Hear and Say, an organisation supporting hearing-impaired children, is building a new tele-health centre at Ashgrove. It will specialise in delivering services to families outside metropolitian areas. Teagan West reports.

Maroons debutantes on form

The Maroons joined Origin training camp on the Gold Coast this morning but three star players sat out. Queensland is still the red hot favourite to take out Game One at Suncorp, next week. Jim Malo reports.