Day: May 14, 2014

Federal Government’s frugal funds fix

The Abbott Government’s first budget has been delivered and it lived up to the promise of one of the toughest, in decades. Now the ‘big sell’ around the country is underway, and that too promises to be tough. Two things

States bear brunt of budget burden

The Budget cuts have ignited a battle with state governments. Premier, Campbell Newman, is calling for an emergency COAG meeting. He says Canberra’s shifted the burden of school and hospital funding onto the states. Rachel Riga reports.

Queenslanders react to budget

So what do Queenslanders think about the budget? We went to into the city at lunchtime today to find out.

Garrett “gutted” at pink batts deaths

Peter Garrett was again in the hot seat, at the Royal Commission into the bungled Home Insulation Program. An uncomfortable Garrett admitted he was unaware of some key safety recomendations involved with the roll out. Mitchell Van Homrigh reports.

Guides set to welcome G20 guests

Hospitality workers, retail staff and even taxi drivers will soon know a lot more about Brisbane. Today Lord Mayor Graham Quirk launched a new initiative, to welcome visitors and delegates attending the G20 Summit later this year. Alexandria Utting reports.

Students get lesson in global hunger

Students from across 60 Brisbane high schools today had a life-changing lesson on poverty in Rwanda and around the world. The aims? To raise awareness of global hunger and promote the 40 hour famine campaign. Sushma Waller reports.