Day: May 8, 2014

Lions CEO quits

The shakeup of the Brisbane Lions, has claimed another scalp. Club CEO, Malcolm Holmes, resigned this afternoon. It comes as the Lions’ financial woes deepen with direct intervention by the AFL more likely. Mackenzie Lyon reports.

Qld Government to handpick anti-corruption boss

The Queensland Government can now handpick the State’s anti-corruption boss. New laws passed State Parliament last night giving the Government the power to appoint the head of the re-named Crime and Corruption Commission or CCC without bipartisan support. Bonnie Stevens

Budget expected to bite at the bowsers

The federal government appears poised to deliver a tax on high income earners as Cabinet signs off on a deficit levy plan. And it’s being reported an increase in fuel excise is on the budget hit list too. Alexandra Connor

Sydney arrest linked to crime ring

Police in Sydney’s south-west have arrested three people believed to be connected to an Assyrian crime ring. Elsewhere, Melbourne police are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a car repair shop. Brooke Holdsworth reports.

Noise limits put brakes on the need for speed

Motorsport enthusiasts say noise limit restrictions on Queensland race tracks is stifling their sport. They say without a place to burn rubber, they’ll be forced on to the streets. Cameron Kirby reports.

Renewed calls for euthansia to be legalised

There have been renewed calls for euthanasia to be legalised. Long time advocate Dr Phillip Nitschke was on the Gold Coast today and says death should be a personal choice. Olivia Rogers reports.

Fight against graffiti hits the street

Crime Stoppers and the Brisbane City Council are taking to the streets in the fight against graffiti. They’ve launched a pop-up campaign to make the public aware of the huge clean up costs. Gabrielle Lyons reports.

Cancer survivors suffer workplace discrimination, report says

By Saskia Edwards. Edited for online by Rachel Riga. A nationwide survey of 550 cancer survivors has found a quarter of those diagnosed experienced discrimination in the workplace. The report from the McCabe Centre for Law shows cancer survivors feel

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Bus assaults decrease despite recent attacks, Emerson says

By Celeste Skinner. Edited for online by Joseph Cooney. Public transport safety has been called into question after another attack where a teen was allegedly sexually assaulted on a Gold Coast bus in broad daylight. This follows a recent trend

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Archerfield most dangerous suburb in heat waves: study

By Lauren Cooney. Edited for online by Bernard Thompson. A Queensland University of Technology and Arizona State University joint study on environmental factors reveals summer temperature hikes are more likely to cause heat-related admissions to hospital. The study shows emergency

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