Day: October 16, 2013

Legislation passed on bikie gangs

Queensland civil libertarians are questioning whether the state’s new anti-bikie laws can work. They expect a flood of court challenges, but the government is pressing ahead with its tough stance despite drawing criticism from bike retailers. Nicholas Chin reports.

MP’s public punch-up

Victorian police are now investigating a brawl between a controversial state MP and a protester outside parliament. The politician Geoff Shaw has not been charged at this stage and says he was attacked first. Gabrielle Lyons reports.

Still no verdict on Patel

Former Bundaberg surgeon Jayant Patel is still waiting to hear if he’ll face a third trial in a case of grievous bodily harm. Jurors in a retrial of the case were dismissed after failing to reach a verdict. Zuzanna Kamusinski

Abbott faces tax challenge

The federal government is under pressure to explain whether companies will pay for pollution if the carbon tax is repealed. But it seems increasingly likely it will be blocked in the senate forcing the government to attempt to embarrass labor

Wild animals under threat

The RSPCA is concerned about a sharp increase of attacks on wildlife by household pets. Thousands of koalas, possums and water dragons are injured each year by cats and dogs and the animal welfare group wants owners to be more

Get on your bike!

Thousands of Queenslanders demonstrated their support for cycling by leaving their cars at home today. Organisers of the National Ride-to-Work day put on a free breakfast for cyclists at SouthBank and the Roma Street Parklands. Mike Burgess reports.

Socceroos finally score a win

After two thrashings and a week of criticism the Socceroos have finally lifted their game. They beat the lower rated Canada three nil in a friendly match in London. Rachel Riga reports.

Student jockeys take to the track

The so called sport of kings has some keen new followers in Korea, and now they’re learning how horse racing is done in Queensland. Young Korean jockeys are pairing with top trainers here and it may even help boost tourism

The real flying Kangaroo

A national icon arrived at Melbourne Airport today but not in the way staff or travellers expected. National wildlife volunteers we’re called in to rescue a kangaroo from a domestic terminal pharmacy. Bernard Thompson reports.