Day: October 15, 2013

Charities critical of casino plan

Charities are angry at plans to allow new casinos in Brisbane claiming it will lead to more gambling addiction. But City Hall says the Newman Government proposal is good news for tourism. Mackenzie Lyon reports.

Qld pollies to get more moderate payrise

Queensland politicians are to receive a nine per cent pay rise, their first in three years. An independent tribunal concluded they should be entitled to more money just not the 42 per cent increase originally proposed. Nicholas Chin reports.

Abbott takes aim at carbon tax

The Abbott Government today fired its first shot in the carbon tax war with a draft bill to repeal the tax, now open for public comment. The Government says it will mean cheaper power and gas prices and save families

Health concerns for Qld kids

Queensland children may soon be battling both a highly contagious disease and one of Australia’s most common respiratory conditions. Along with recent cases of measles, a new study has found warm weather increases the risk of asthma attacks in babies.

Army adventure targets women

The Australian army wants more women to join its ranks. And to showcase what army life is all about, they’re holding a female adventure camp, at Brisbane’s Gallipoli Barracks. Rachel Riga reports.

Brisbane’s new graffiti plan

Brisbane City Council spends millions of dollars a year cleaning up graffiti but today the Lord Mayor was out promoting the up-side of legal street art. It’s part of an initiative simply called Graffiti Stop. Bernard Thompson reports.

Buffalo girls go round the outback

It’s pretty common to train dogs and birds, but a young Australian has taken it up at notch training buffalos. The “Buffalo Girls” show travels around outback Queensland putting the four legged beasts through their paces. Liana Bignall reports.