Day: October 9, 2013

Brisbane drivers fill up

Brisbane drivers are facing a fuel shortage and higher prices as tankers supplying BP and Shell service stations are taken off the road. Several metropolitan servos have already sold out of unleaded with many drivers choosing to fill up while

Abbott defends expenses claims

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has found an unlikely ally in the controversy over politicians allowances. Labor’s Anthony Albanese has defended Abbott’s expenditure claim for taking part in an Iron Man Event. Samuel Massey reports.

Brisbane Summit for State’s future

Queensland leaders are meeting over the next couple of days to discuss the state’s future. But protestors gathered to criticise the so called Queensland Plan and the summit in Brisbane. Emma Clarke reports.

The great organic debate

As Australia’s organic industry continues to boom, some consumers are being tricked into buying uncertified products. But vendors say it’s up to the buyer to check the authenticity of organic goods. Tom Hartley reports.

Science ship to source more accurate weather

Australian scientists are about to take delivery of a super ship to find out more about our weather. It’s equipped to give us some of the most accurate forecasts in the world. Tom Fowles reports.

Diver survives second shark attack

A West Australian abalone diver is recovering in hospital after being attacked by a shark for the second time in a decade. Greg Pickering is in a stable condition, after undergoing 10 hours of intensive surgery at the Royal Perth

Unauthorized sleepover

A Sydney mother has faced the scarriest night of her life. Her son disappeared police feared an abduction or accident. But he’d just slept over at a friend’s house. Gabrielle Lyons reports.

Cosmo Kombi creates cancer awareness

Young people are the target of a new breast cancer awareness campaign. The Cancer Council is teaming up with the magazine, Cosmopolitan, and visiting universities to highlight the need for regular personal checks. Tom Baldwin reports.