Day: October 22, 2012

Wayne Swan announces surplus hopes

Treasurer Wayne Swan has revealed cuts to baby bonus payments and the private health insurance rebate to protect his promised budget surplus. The Federal Government also lowered its forecast for growth, in its mid year review. Jessica Case reports.

Cost of living sky rockets

The Federal Government cuts announced today come as the latest statistics show a massive jump in the cost of living. Over the last decade, basic household necessities such as electricity, petrol and vegetables, have risen at more than twice the

Police kept on their toes with robberies and a flaming vehicle

Brisbane police have had a busy 24 hours dealing with a spate of robberies around the city. Meanwhile, a female driver had a lucky escape this morning, after her car burst into flames on the Gateway Bridge. Megan Lincez reports

New laws for scooter riders

Moped riders could face tougher licensing conditions if a local council’s recommendations are implemented by the State Government. Logan City Council wants riders of bikes below fifty C-C’s to pass a special license test just like their motorcycle counterparts. Jacqueline

Technology deprives teens of sleep

A new study has found technology could be a contributing factor to sleep deprivation among Australian teenagers. In the past, research showed television was the primary device preventing teens from sleep. Now it seems interactive devices, including mobile phones, are

Another year down for Gold Coast 600

The Armor-all Gold Coast 600 has wrapped up for another year with a record number of spectators. Despite the event’s success its future beyond 2013 is still uncertain, and hinges on State Government funding. Alexandra West reports.