Day: October 17, 2012

Research shows alarming dieting rates for kids

Shock figures about Australian kids show half of our 10-year-olds are on diets. And boys are more likely than girls to have body image issues. Kendall Wegener reports.

V8s prepare for weekend showdown

International drivers took to Queensland Raceway today for their first hit out in the V8 Supercars. Record crowds are expected at this weekend’s Gold Coast ArmorAll 600. Jake Duke reports.

Brisbane prepares for Bledisloe Test

Two former Queensland Rugby Union players, Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw and Tony Shaw have been inducted into the Wallaby Hall of Fame. They join Francis ‘Wally’ Meagher as the three 2012 inductees. Katlynn Bradder-Denning reports.

Free ride over for Airport Link users

Push bikes and an alternative routes may be an option for Airport Link Tunnel users when the toll free period ends tomorrow. But tunnel operators are optimistic that the $2.50 for a full trip toll won’t deter motorists. Taylor Bunnag

Queenslanders ride to work for health

An estimated 5,000 Queenslanders dusted off their pushbikes early this morning to participate in this years Ride-2-Work Day. The nation-wide event encourages people to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of peddling to work. Bianca Britton reports.

Attorney General accused of bias in Slipper case

The Federal Opposition has accused the Attorney General of defending former Speaker Peter Slipper out of political motivations. The Coalition says the government abused taxpayer money and legal procedure in their $750,000 defence of Mr Slipper. Myles McGuire reports.

Sydney goes Gangnam Style

The Korean pop star responsible for the “Gangnam Style” sensation took to the stage in Sydney early today. Eager fans waited all night so they could see “PSY” in action. Bianca Britton reports.

PM questioned on Indian tour

Julia Gillard’s fiery speech about sexism and misogyny continues to spark interest around the world. She was questioned about it during her three-day visit to India, at a young leaders forum. The Prime Minister wraps up her tour tonight, when