Day: October 8, 2012

River Queens future uncertain

All of Brisbane knows the beautiful Kookaburra River-Queen boats. But their future is under a cloud, after the two vessels failed to sell at auction yesterday. Alicia Moo reports.

Soldiers injured in truck crash

Eighteen soldiers have been injured, one is on life support after an horrific crash at Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney’s south-west. The open-topped troop carrier rolled during a training exercise. Mitchell Dunk reports.

RSPCA issues tick alert

The RSPCA is warning pet owners this may be the worst tick season in the organisation’s history. They’re blaming a dry winter on the increasing number of pets coming in with ticks. Cavill McClune reports.

Clear thinking on mental health

Mental health issues are often neglected. But the facts are one in three Australians will suffer a mental illness before the age of 25. Mental Health Awareness Week is not just about highlighting the conditions but also where you can

Social media fuels party violence

The union representing Queensland police is calling for tougher measures to clamp down on violence at parties organised through social media. It follows wild clashes between party goers and police over the weekend. April Chan reports.

Jones returns commercial free

2GB talkback shock-jock Alan Jones was back on air today commercial free but with plenty of bite. Jones complained about cyber-bullies targeting advertisers on his program. And labeled a Mercedes Benz manager who repossessed his car a “gutless wonder”. Verity