Day: September 18, 2012

Muslim leaders plea for peace

Muslim leaders today pleaded for calm following violent protests in Sydney over the weekend. They rejected claims of an extremist culture in Australia, saying any violence goes against the teachings of Islam. Benjamin Phillips reports.

Thieves fuel pre-pay petrol

Queenslander’s might soon be forced to pay for their fuel before they fill up at the pump. The move comes after police statistics revealed nearly 12,000 petrol drive-offs occurred across the state last year, double the previous year. Lauren Crome

New passanger pick-up for Brisbane Airport

From today, you are no longer allowed to collect passengers outside Brisbane Airport’s domestic terminal. Instead, there is free parking in a new pick-up area. The catch, it’s a four hundred metre hike from the terminal and it’s only free

Quirk to trial new pedestrian signals

Pedestrians in the city will face the first of Brisbane’s new timed pedestrian “don’t walk” signals from today. The introduction of the timers is part of a $250,000 one-month trial aimed at improving safety on city streets. Paige Hasaballah reports.

More asylum seekers transferred to Nauru

A second plane load of asylum seekers is settling in to Nauru after touching down this morning. Their arrival came as defence deployed 25 people to start work on rebuilding the processing facility on Manus Island. Jo Curlis reports.

Trashy fashion a real treasure

As they say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And that’s the case for 33 Brisbane artists and designers who’ve used recycled materials to make a fashion statement. Kate Fallis reports.

Football finals fever

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy is unconcerned about video refereeing errors, ahead of this Friday’s NRL Preliminary against the Manly Sea Eagles. Zoe Hirning reports.