Day: November 2, 2011

8 dead and 15 missing as asylum seeker boat sinks

Eight people have drowned and 15 are still missing after an asylum seeker boat carrying around 70 people sank off the coast of Indonesia. The Federal Government is now urging the coalition to reconsider its Malaysia people-swap solution. Candice Anderson

Building site death prompts safety audits

Safety audits are being conducted on worksites around Queensland in response to the death of a worker at a construction site in Brisbane on Monday. The 65-year-old died when building materials fell from a crane and crushed him on a

Occupy Brisbane forced out

Occupy Brisbane protestors have been moved on from Post Office Square in Brisbane today. Police arrived in the Square at 4.30am this morning to begin negotiations with the group. Kayla Millhouse reports.

Coal seam gas tax in Federal Parliament

The Federal Government has introduced its controversial mining tax bills to parliament. However, Independent Tony windsor has raised a political obstacle to the proposed laws, by demanding more research into the coal seam gas industry, before he will support the

Parents told to buckle up

A QUT study has found that despite tighter child safety laws, one in four parents is still not restraining children properly in cars. A range of other safety issues have been raised at a national injury prevention conference in Brisbane

Zoo keeper for a day

Brisbane’s Lone Pine Sanctuary has embarked on a program that will give kids the chance to get up close to Australian wildlife on their school holidays. The Sanctuary is running a “Junior Keeper” program, that will give young animal lovers

Seven sky-diving Santas

Santa Claus has dropped in early swapping his sleigh for a parachute. The skydiving Santa is in town to help disadvantaged kids. Rebekah Fay reports.

Roar player named in Socceroos

Mitch Nichols from the Brisbane Roar has been selected for a second time in his career to join the Socceroos. Matt Warren reports.