Day: September 14, 2010

Petrol prices to plummet

Motoring groups say petrol prices could drop to under a dollar for the school holidays following weeks of lower than usual prices. But petrol station operators say the discounts may not last. Catherine Niven reports.

Pay rates present

Retailers say proposed changes to the penalty rates for the Christmas and New Year period will hurt small businesses and consumers. The Holiday Amendments Bill, proposed today in Parliament, would see additional public holidays this year for Christmas Day and

Oprah heads Down Under

Oprah Winfrey, the highest rating talkshow host in America, is bringing her show Down Under. She’s scheduled shows at the Sydney Opera House and will take her 450-strong audience and crew to Cairns as well. Annabelle Carter reports.

Police bravery honoured

The Queensland Police Service has honoured some of its outstanding officers. Their bravery in life threatening situations being recognised during a ceremony at the service’s Roma Street Headquarters. Eleisha Rogers reports.

Cabinet sworn in after late changes

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made two last-minute changes to her ministry ahead of Federal Cabinet being sworn in. The PM bowed to public pressure following criticism of the Government’s restructuring of the education and health portfolios. Nicholas Bolton reports.

Police bullet killed constable

An autopsy has confirmed the fatal shot that killed New South Wales policeman Will Crews last week was fired by a fellow officer. The Crews family have forgiven the officer responsible. Alicia Ng reports.

Games reps get government grants

Queensland representatives at next month’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi have received a State Government bonus grant. Each of the State’s 73 representatives benefit by $5,400 to help with training and other expenses. Olivia Noakes reports.